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Bieber History from @Be_Unidentified. 

As every single one of you I have my own story. 

I have several to be honest. Though the one I am about to tell you is on how I became a belieber.

In the year that Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ was released I wasn’t listening to much music to be honest. I was very young. We are speaking 11 years old here. 
My class mates always went around listening to ‘Baby’ and I clearly remember how I told them to “Turn down that stupid voice of a girl.” - Stupid, I know. 
But to tell you the truth I had only heard about two lines from the song all including the words “Oh”, “Baby” and “No” I guess that in that time I believed that it was the only thing the kid was able to say. 

So after months of denying listening to Justin Bieber’s top single ‘Baby’ I was cleaning our beach house, when my iPod suddenly decides to die - and how can you clean without music ? That’s right you can’t!!

So I ‘stole’ my little brother’s and pushed the play button.

"Now we don’t wanna let go,
And I don’t wanna let you know that there might be something real between us two…”

Surprised at hearing a song with a catchy tune on the first click on the iPod, I quickly pressed back so the song would start over. 

"Now Romeo and Juliet,
Bet they never felt the way we felt,
Boonie and Clyde never had to hide like we do,
we do…”

I learned to lyrics withing 20 minutes of having the song on replay. And as soon as my brother came back I asked him who the song was with.
Now you can only imagine the state of shock I was in when I heard that it was the Justin Bieber, the one I had promised to never listen to a song from.

Though ever since that day I’ve listen to at least one of his songs everyday. 
His music makes my day so much brighter.
The lyrics speak to me and his voice makes me wanna smile all the time.

Now I have never met Justin, but I keep praying that one day I will, because if I ever do I would tell him this:

"Dear Justin, I don’t know how many times you’ve heard this: But thank you. Thank you so much for putting a smile on not only mine but millions of faces. Thank you for making the sun shine brighter and the birds sing louder. Thank you for giving us this little piece of heaven. We all love you so much and no matter what we will always stand behind you, we will always support you, we will always be there. We are more than fans. We are Beliebers. We are the family. We all love you so much!" 

I know that one day you will get your wish for filled, I just want you to remember in that moment you meet him: That there are millions of people who would give everything to be you in that moment. So please enjoy it and remember to tell him all you have in your heart!!

Good luck!

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Bieber History from @stratfordbeast. 

How I became a belieber-

Well, my mom used to watch Justin’s videos on YouTube back in 2007 & 2008, and she’d usually make me watch it with her. She’d always tell me “I can’t wait till this kid gets famous, he needs too” But I’d always say “nah, he isn’t gonna get anywhere.” 

So in 2009, he comes out with One Time. Me and my mom heard him on the radio, and I was like “whos this girl?” Yeah man, I was such a bieber hater back then in 2009. So my mom goes “that’s that kid Justin Bieber from youtube! I told you he’d get famous!” I didn’t believe it. I didn’t believe he would last long. I really didn’t. 

That year my parents got divorced and I was going through so much shit. I really couldn’t handle it because my mom always got moody because of it, she was upset because of it too. She was upset, just like I was but she would take all her anger out on me and yell at me and shit. There wouldn’t be a time where she wasn’t yelling at me. She would have some good days, but they wouldn’t last that long. 

I wasn’t aloud to see my dad, and I was always closer to my dad than I was to my mom so whenever my mom would yell at me I would yell back and we’d end up not talking for days.

My friends were Justin Bieber fans, and I didn’t mind, it didn’t piss me off. My friend told me to listen to Down To Earth. I wasn’t a big fan of listening to Justin Bieber, but I did because I loved music. I listened to it and it changed my whole perspective of Justin. I listened to Down To Earth once and saw how well it related to me. That’s when I realized Justin wasn’t just any celebrity and he wasn’t gonna go away. He was gonna be huge one day. From that day, Justin earned my full respect. That’s the day I became Justin’s fan. 

I never appreciated my mom, I never realized how much she loved me. I loved her so damn much, and I should have appreciated it because one day she decided to leave me. I’d listen to Justin’s music to help me cope with losing my mom, because I really couldn’t live without her. I’d listen to Down to Earth all the time and be crying about it. I felt so weak. Couple months later my dad also left me hanging here alone. I heard Where Are You Now, and that song always helped me cope with shit. All the time, and now too. That’s the only song I ever listen to when I’m upset about shit. That’s the song that made me a belieber. Justin has all my respect and I’ll always be supporting him, he’s a normal kid, he goes through shit just like the rest of us. I’ll always support him, he’s different and I’m not letting him go. 

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Bieber History from Nadia.  

First time I knew Justin was when “Baby Video” released. I didn’t feel in love at first. But suddenly my heart took me away to search about his life, his experience, his family and his everything. From his experience I know what is life. From his family I know why family means a lot. And then I just became a Belieber, Justin made it just one day!. Justin changed my life a lot. When I go back to school I always browse his new information. I spent my time a lot to him. When Justin go online I immediately tweeted him with all my heart. January 4th, 2011, Justin saw my tweets. He made my day! He followed me at that time. I’m very very happy, you know what you feel about when your inspiration just followed you, its very very a good day I think! And on January 6th, 2011 I accidentally blocked him!! You know how stupid I am!!! I cried everyday, I mentioned him every minute but he didn’t saw it! I wanted to deactive my account, but I thought that I made this twitter to support Justin, not for other. And right now.. I still love him. I mean I love him so much. I learn English to talk to him if I meet him #neverhappen lol. But someday I will! :) every belieber deserves to meet him. I believe in my self that I’ll never left Justin. Why not if I can being a Belieber forever? I’ll affected bieber fever to my son, sister and family! Being a Belieber is the best part in my life cause right now I’ve more than 22 million family in this world! i may not be with him from the start. but i’m gonna make sure that i’ll be with him until the end. Bieber for the life!!! Swaggie ;;) - @iDirectStyles

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Bieber History from Khansa Salsa. 

Justin means so much to me and my life, he makes my day everyday, makes my night. He makes me laugh, smile, cry, sad, etc. He taught me to believe in my dream, he taught me never say never, taught me to care to other people. He’s such a hero in my life. I know him from youtube, I immediately felt in love with him when I saw his video “One Time”. He looks adorable with his grey hoodie, and his voice makes me melt, he’s so cute! Justin Bieber is the reason why I can speak in English, he made me wanted to learn English, cause I wish I can talk to him when I meet him eventhough I’ve never meet him, #nochance lol, I know my English isn’t good at all, but I’m trying. He’s special for me, I always remember him, I remember every single song he made, I know all the lines I guess lol. Justin gave a life for me, a life that no one knows how it feels like. Justin is a wizard, he made myself a belieber in a few days, he did it! He made 22 million girls as beliebers in 3 years! He totally changed 22 million girls’ life, including me. And being a belieber is the best decision I made in my life! <3 -@ciaobieber

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Bieber History from Najah Ismail. 

It was spring 2010. Where it all began.
My friend at school were talking about someone named ‘Justin Bieber’.
She was all like ’ you have to hear him!’, but I didn’t care.
More and more of my friends started to talk about him and his new single ‘One Time’.
I just didn’t care, I heard that everyone called him ‘gay’ and all that, so I just pretended to not like him.
I dont know why when I think about it, but anyway.
One day when my friends and I were together they started to put his music on, and I was like ‘NO, turn it off I dont like him’.
Lol, dont judge me. ANYWAY.
Then the days kept going and they ALWAYS putted his music on, so I started to like him a bit…
My friend was like ’ NOW WE’RE GOING TO LISTEN TO JUSTIN BIEBER’ and I was like ‘YAAAY’
Then everyone’s like ’ you dont like him..?’
Then I was like, ‘but now I do………kinda.’
So we listened to his songs all day, bla bla.
Then when I was about to leave my friends house, she listened to ‘Love Me’ and I started to like that song and 
asked her what it was called.
So when I got home i started to listen to the song and the whole album and I loved it and started fangirling
so hard.
I watched video’s and interviews and all that and I just fell in love, he was so adorable and cute.
So thats how I became a belieber and I regret nothing.

Belieber then. Belieber now. Belieber forever.- @iBieberBeanie

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Bieber History from Maria Bieber.;) 

Being a Belieber was the best decision in my life’ are the words i’ve heard so many times from Beliebers. But you know what? It’s complete truth at least when it up to me. Justin Bieber means everything to me. How i’ve became Belieber maybe it’s nothing special to tell but i’ll try to make it special, cuz gosh he is special, hehe okay. I’ve heard of  Justin like in 2008 or early 2009 but honestly i didn’t pay so much attention at him, lol. It was the end of 2009 or maybe earlier when my sister came from Switzerland and like always we share with each other some new music we like and things like that. Beside other stuff she showed me, there were some Justin Bieber’s songs. And it was like this: for the moment i literally fell in love with that boy, better said with his voice. I was enchanted. It seemed like time stopped for a second and reality became fairytale, hehe. No really, it was something special. OMG i still remember , i was so in love with his voice. So yeah, when i fell for Justin for the first time it wasn’t for his look but for his magical voice.  I’ve become so obsessed with him since then and how time was passing by that obsession was turning into real dedication. So that’s how my Belieber’s life has started and looking from now i think it will never end. I can’t describe my love for him. I really appreciate him so much and everything he does for us. Having idol like him is the blessing. He’s inspired me a lot to be a better person and i can’t thank him enough. So, dear Justin Drew Bieber thank you for everything, i love you so much and it’ll never change. Sincerely, forever your  Belieber.  ♡ ~ @iBiebsCupid

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Bieber History from Bestie Carolin 

I was actually very much obsessed with someother person,it was july 10 2011 and my dad called my mom to say tat he couldnt book the tickets 4 my hometown as the way we planned,so i felt bad and started crying ,i am an indian so the mtv in india is full of crap bollywood so i was changin the channels ann there were no hindi songs of the actor i was obsessed with. It was late night ,there were english songs on mtv  so i saw some song which i didnt know i felt bored and changed the channel ,just to pass my time i kept that song. It was baby,i didnt know it was justin so i saw the song and the guy was lookin young and i fell in love with him (each and every part of him)ooooh,then i went to sleep the next day i started surfing the net bout justin and in a week i became a Belieber.justin totally changed me  i love him and will never leave him nomatter he cuts his hair ,dyes his hair ,grows up and gets matured or even gets married ,i love him and will always do:)

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Bieber History from Natalie Yakovi. 

Hello :)

My story beings way back in 2009 , I was so obsessed with Cole & Dylan Sprouse at that time.

So as I was watching random videos on youtube I came across a video with two cute blonde guys playing xbox.

Me being me, I thought it was my favorite twins , I was suprised when I to find out it wasn’t them when I clicked the video.

I was confused and was about to click that X button. & Then I saw Usher , so I was like “Ohh that’s Usher’s song? .. ok.”

I waited few seconds and then that cute little guy wearing a gret hoodie started singing.

Yep , that was One Time.  I literally fell in love with Justin the second he started singing and I knew I had to know more info about him. So I created a Twitter account (Only 2 weeks after he did) , So I guess the number of followers he had back then is up for your imagination ;)

That’s the story of how I first heard about Justin :’) - @RockinBedWithJB

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"i love justin. the end :)"

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So tell us your Story.(:

So tell us your Story.(: